What Is Your Everest?

Hussein Hallak
2 min readFeb 17, 2021
Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

As much as you want to be the result of your own choices and convictions, you are not, there are billions of years of evolution swimming in your blood.

Your brain is trained to find the easy and safe path from your cave to your food source and back. Your brain is complex but when it comes to survival there are only two options: survive or not.

Nothing else matters.

To your brain, success is safety. failure is death. That is why failure is painful even when it has to do with trivial things like money and stature, and even when your health, wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you is still intact, you still feel like the world is ending when you fail :(

It’s why we keep looking for the secret, the silver bullet, the one path, and the hidden roadmap.

This urge is why no matter how educated and how smart, we are susceptible to fall for the get rich quick schemes, they are an ultimate promise of success. We see the cheezy, sleazy, comically false offer of working for a few hours and achieving unbelievable success, but all our brains hear is the uncompromising promise of success.

To our brains, what these MLMs and get rich quick schemes are really promising is security, safety, survival, and we feel the full weight of billions of years of evolution forcing our finger to click yes.

Everything you want to achieve in life requires an expenditure of energy. Even getting out of bed. AKA everything in life is fucking hard.

You can think of everything you want to do like climbing mount Everest.

So the question is not whether to climb it or not, you have no choice, everywhere you look is an Everest.

The most important question is which one.

What is your Everest?