Time is the key

The stuff your life is made of

Hussein Hallak
2 min readJan 18, 2024

It’s midweek, on a Wednesday afternoon.

A glorious day at the start of the month. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself and got everything under control.

You receive anYou receive an email from your old boss, inviting you to work on a promising project that you started together a while back.

One of your tweets is trending! You’re getting dozens of notifications, and you feel the need to jump into the conversation.

Your significant other suggests spending a few hours on the beach. You’ve been spending way too much time at the office, and he misses you.

The long-awaited sequel to your favourite movie of all time just dropped, and you just have to get the premier tickets before they run out.

Your daughter bursts into your home office and won’t leave until you pet her cat and play UNO with her!

It’s tax season, and you must get your financials in order. Something you’ve been avoiding and postponing all year!!

Some new deals came through. You’re excited as you’ve been working on them for what seems to be forever. Now, along with your team, you have some new deadlines to fulfil.

The phone rings. You get the devastating news of a distant family member passing away, and your mom says you need to be at the funeral next week.

You check your email and find a request for an interview from the #1 podcast in your industry. They need your confirmation within the hour.

It’s Thursday evening two weeks later. The more you do, the more your to-do list expands and grows. You feel drained and in need of some time off to recover and recharge.

If you really break it down, life is a collection of demands on your time.