Let go

Life doesn’t ask for permission.

Hussein Hallak
2 min readFeb 22, 2024
Let Go | Artwork by Antonio Piedade

Life just happens. Things take place mostly with complete disregard to your well thought out plans and your new year resolution to “once and for all, take charge of your life and become the master of your destiny.”

However, life is made up of things you love, things you hate, and things you just have to deal with regardless of how you feel.

Let’s say you

  • love playing the guitar, working on a passion project, or spending time with friends traveling the world.
  • hate going to the dentist for a regular check-up, and avoid long and meaningless meetings like they are the plague.
  • can’t be bothered to renew your car insurance, or wait for the plumber to come and fix a leaking pipe.

Surely as someone who’s fully in control of your life, you will choose to do things you love like playing the guitar and travelling with friends, postponing your visit to the dentist, and ignoring renewing your car insurance, right?!

However, life doesn’t care.

The next time your tooth aches while practicing your favourite new tune, you’ll quickly drop your guitar, call and beg the dentist for an early apportionment, then wait in pain for a friend to drive you because your car has no insurance.

So much for being in control!

Like the rest of us, you have the illusion of control that helps you go through life without freaking out.

In reality, deep inside, you know you don’t control shit.

Yes, you are holding that pot and pouring yourself a delicious, perfectly prepared cup of coffee on a morning that couldn’t be more amazing.

You are on top of the world.

What you don’t know is there’s a call finding its way to you to knock you off of your imaginary throne of control and turn this day to one from hell.

The time has come to let the illusion go, renounce the throne, and seek your forefathers’ treasure.

Embrace your true purpose, claim your birthright, and take your place at the helm.