Hopeful but not excited

Hussein Hallak
2 min readDec 18, 2023


2024 is here, and I’m hopeful, but not excited.

I love life, I see beauty everywhere in our world, and I believe in the human spirit. But I’m privileged to be a Canadian living in one of the world’s most amazing cities, Vancouver.

The optimist in me joins in celebrating tech advancements, innovations, and living at a time when we are the most connected, advanced, and capable than ever.

But the pragmatists in me is quick to remind me “yes, and” we are facing some of the most existential crisis in human history!

A wanna be hitler quoting dictator will most likely become the US president.

Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab.

Far-Right Extremism Is a Global Problem.

Oil companies continue to profit they destroy the planet. I thought fossil fuel firms could change. I was wrong.

Big business’ windfall profits rocket to “obscene” $1 trillion a year amid cost-of-living crisis.

And instead of making the world better by dethroning big business technology advancements are disrupting the most vulnerable, and helping corporations replace us. How Technology Is Destroying Jobs.

The accumulation of extreme wealth by the world’s richest individuals has become an economic, ecological, and human rights disaster.

The world has more than 110 armed conflicts.

We celebrate a free world while worldwide, journalists face harassment, imprisonment, violence, or death – simply for doing their jobs.

We have more choices of things we can’t afford. PwC Consumer Insights Survey.

Education lagging behind social and technological change.

Yes we have much to celebrate, but we can’t turn a blind eye on the issues and problems just because they are not influencing us directly.

We still have much work to do to make our world better, more livable, and more equitable, not just for ourselves, but for the people we love and care about, for our communities, and everyone else.

Happy New Year